Belfast HSS Ferries

Belfast HSS to Stranraer operate every day, taking hundreds of passengers to and from Scotland. Belfast HSS catamarans make the journey time between Belfast and Stranraer even shorter than usual, so they are perfect for people who want more time to enjoy the two port towns.

This is a very popular route and several Belfast HSS to Stranraer travel everyday, to carry the hundreds of passengers that travel everyday. Tickets on the Belfast HSS to Stranraer can sometimes be booked only one day in advance.

Tickets on this cheap car ferry can be booked online through the Intoferries website. Intoferries searches every operator, to ensure that the cheapest HSS ferry route can be selected automatically.

Stranraer HSS Ferries

Stranraer Ferry Port is the main link between Scotland and Northern Ireland. HSS Catamarans and conventional car ferries travel between the two countries several times a day. Stena Line operates the terminal at Stranraer Ferry port, which is designed to accommodate hundreds of passengers and freight customers every day. HSS Catamarans operate from the western side of the port and ferries leave from the eastern terminal of Stranraer ferry port.

Stranraer Ferry Port is perfectly placed, so passengers will be able to enjoy all the beaches and other tourist attractions Stranraer has to offer.

Cheap HSS ferries are the fastest way to travel between Scotland and Northern Ireland by sea. Tickets can be booked quickly and easily on Stranraer Ferries using the Intoferries website. Intoferries will automatically search every ferry operator and route to Stranraer Ferry Port so you can select the cheapest ferry route.